From the company’s earliest days, Lionel has been celebrated for its ability to create the most innovative, ground-breaking model train products in the world. We rededicated ourselves to this lofty mission with the introduction of the Lionel LEGACY Control System®.

And now, with that platform in place, we’re taking yet another step forward. This year, Lionel proudly introduces a line of the most authentic, technically advanced trains and accessories ever made – a line of products that enable you to fulfill the promise … the Vision ... of LEGACY. So, it’s natural that we are calling this the Lionel VISION LineTM. In this collection of breathtaking products, you’ll find scale steam engines with more mechanical and operational realism than any you’ve ever seen or run. Scale diesels that demonstrate the same detailing and characteristics found in their “real life” counterparts. Operating rolling stock and interactive accessories that enhance the model train experience like never before. And these introductory offerings are only the beginning. From this year on, Lionel fans can look to our VISION Line to experience the “gold standard” in model train engineering, manufacturing, and most of all… VISION. In each successive year we will unveil a selection of products that will elevate our line to levels never before reached in our industry. The Vision Line is what Joshua Lionel Cowen always envisioned Lionel would be – the ultimate destination for the very best in model railroading.

See the Action

GG-1 Has Arrived

View the GG-1 unboxed and in action

In Depth: GG1

Unveiling the GG-1 with all the Newest Features

Bigger Than Ever

Presenting the Bigger than Ever Big Boy

Why Lionel?

VisionLine, along with Lionel, is the ultimate destination for the very best in model railroading.

Excellent Quality

When purchasing a VisionLine product, you know that what you're getting is the most finely engineered and manufactured product Lionel has ever made.

Authentic Details

With features such as dynamic smoke, realistic lights, upgraded sound and more, the train that ran on the track can now be running in your own home.

Well-Known History

There is no better time to announce the newest addition to the VisionLine than Lionel's 115th Anniversary, and we couldn't have done it without you.

World Class Customer Service

Lionel is there when you need us with knowledge and understanding to help with all your VisionLine needs.

Can You Handle

the big boy?

As the enormous hulk of the first of Union Pacific’s new 4-8-8-4s emerged in ALCO’s erecting plant in Schenectady, NY, a worker looked upon the brute and simply chalked “Big Boy” on the engines side. The apt but impromptu name stuck. This meant it had to be powerful enough to drag the train up the 1.14% grades without helpers and fast enough to maintain schedules on the rest of the section.

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