Eco-Energy 30K Gallon Ethanol Tank Car 3-Pack

Electrocouper Sounds Command Control

SKU: 6-27410
Gauge: Standard O
Dimensions: Single Car Approx. 15"
Rail Line: Eco-Energy
Min Curve: O-31

MSRP: $269.99

Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re hearing a real freight train pass by.

In the last decade, growing public and government support for Ethanol as an alternative fuel source has created the need for an expanded fleet of modern tank cars to haul millions of gallons of Ethanol from the corn-belt Midwest to high-consumption areas across the country. The most common tank car used for ethanol transportation today is the AAR-classified “T108” model. This nonpressurized, modern tank car has an impressive capacity of 30,000 gallons and is nearly 60’ in length. The ethanol is filled through a fueling hatch and emptied quickly though a bottom drain after it is transported. While primarily used to haul ethanol, these tank cars are also used to transport chemical solvents, beverage grade alcohol, and gasoline. As demand for ethanol increases, 30,000-gallon tank cars are increasingly seen in long unit trains, some nearly a hundred tank cars in length!

Lionel kicks off its Vision rolling stock collection with an all-new 1:48th scale version of the modern 30,000-gallon ethanol tank car. Designed to accompany our Vision Genset Switcher and the General Electric Hybrid locomotives, these tank cars are dressed accurately in off-white and bear the colorful “Eco-Energy” logo.

Ethanol Tank Car Features

  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Hidden uncoupling tabs
  • Rotating bearing caps
  • Die-cast metal end sills
  • Metal ladders, safety rails, steps, railings
  • Metal platform with etched metal walkways
  • Opening fueling hatch cover on roof platform
  • Unique, non-consecutive road numbers on each tank car
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Pennsylvania Operating Stock Car

Legacy Control System RailSounds

SKU: 6-29893
Gauge: Standard O
Dimensions: Length 11 1/4"
Rail Line: Pennsylvania
Min Curve: O-27

MSRP: $149.99

A cattle car so realistic, you’d swear we put real cattle inside!

The last place cattle want to be is inside your stock car as it bumps and jerks into motion on a cross-country, one-way tour! Now you can hear these moody animals as they respond in a unique fashion to the various movements of your busy freight train. Listen to a variety of “mooing” sounds coming from the cantankerous cows inside–sounds that are uniquely triggered from motion sensors in your Vision operating stock car. You’ll also hear realistic sounds of the freight car itself as it brakes and scrapes its way down the rails. With a Legacy CAB remote controller, you can activate sounds yourself (and even create your own customized “Quilling Cow”!). Take realism and fun to the next level with this new VISION operating stock car by Lionel.

Pennsylvania Stock Car Features

  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Metal frame
  • RailSounds sound system with livestock sounds and Stock Car sounds
  • Includes cow figure in interior
  • Command Control operation including volume control, sound activation, ON/OFF control
  • Sounds are triggered by movement of the car on the layout
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Lionel Flatcar with Operating LCD Billboard


SKU: 6-37006
Gauge: Standard O
Dimensions: Length 11"
Rail Line: Lionel Lines
Min Curve: O-27

MSRP: $179.99

Here’s a modern twist on a Lionel favorite. A classic flatcar with an all-new billboard featuring an LCD display! This billboard comes loaded with slideshow images that you can display on your billboard while running the flatcar on your train layout.

You can also create and personalize your own billboard slideshow of images by downloading pictures directly from your computer or from an SD memory card. Want to place the billboard on the side of the track? No problem. The operating LCD billboard can be detached from the flatcar and placed anywhere on your layout!

Lionel Flatcar with Billboard Features

  • Die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers
  • All-new removable LCD Billboard display
  • Billboard can be detached from flatcar for trackside operation
  • Autoplay SD Flash media content
  • Supports standard picture formats
  • Multi-picture slideshow included
  • Manual billboard ON/OFF switch
  • Includes AC power adapter to recharge billboard battery
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Union Pacific Auxiliary Water Tenders

Legacy Control System Electrocouplers Lighting

SKU: 6-82394 #907853
SKU: 6-82395 #907856
SKU: 6-82396 #809 Commemorative Edition
Gauge: Standard O
Dimensions: Length 12"
Rail Line: Union Pacific
Min Curve: O-27

MSRP: $379.99

Designed so that steam locomotives could travel longer distances without having to stop for additional water, auxiliary water tenders played an important role for the Union Pacific in reducing costs and saving time. The auxiliary water tender is a good candidate for use behind Union Pacific’s already-famous #4014 Big Boy locomotive, recently moved Cheyenne, Wyoming for restoration.

Union Pacific Water Tender Features

  • LEGACY™ Control System equipped for lighting and ElectroCoupler™ features – works with LEGACY™ & TMCC™
  • Die-cast metal body
  • Die-cast metal trucks
  • Front and rear ElectroCouplers™
  • Directional lighting
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Big Boy Commemorative Ca-4 Caboose


SKU: 6-82202
Gauge: Standard O
Dimensions: Length 10"
Rail Line: Union Pacific
Min Curve: O-27

MSRP: $94.99

Celebrate one of the most famous steam locomotives ever built with this very special, limited run Ca-4 caboose dressed to honor each surviving Big Boy locomotive. A perfect car to run at the rear of your Union Pacific consist pulled by one of Lionel's new VisionLine Big Boy locomotives.

Big Boy Caboose Features

  • Die-cast metal trucks
  • Hidden uncoupling tabs
  • Separately-applied metal underframe details
  • Smoke with On/Off switch
  • Detailed and painted interior with figures
  • Interior Illumination
  • "Built by Lionel" date on the underframe of car
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